Charlene Valentine

Holistic Nutritionist
Mindset Mentor &
Health Coach

I help busy women use the power of whole foods and mindful habits to ditch diet mindset and reclaim their power back over their health and weight

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Making health simple + intuitive

Charlene's mission is to help women maintain a healthy mind and body through intuitive eating and living. She helps her clients release diet mentality and made up rules about how they should be fueling their mind-body and instead helps them to develop the mindset and health habits that empowers them for a lifetime without the sacrifice.


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Hi, I'm Charlene!

Welcome to a simple, holistic, and realistic approach to health.

I help my clients nourish their mind-body naturally through whole foods, mindfulness, and intuitive habits and help them to develop the mindset and health routines that sustains them for a lifetime. 

I made the easiest decision of my life to prioritize my health and personal development after suffering from anxiety and disordered eating. Neglecting my mind, body, and soul led me to study holistic health and deep dive into understanding the mind. After years of studying mind-body wellness, I was able to heal my relationship with food, free my mindset of negative self-talk + doubt, and gain purpose, confidence, and a passion for life again.

Now, empowering my clients in their health journey is my passion and I am obsessed with seeing my clients confidently step into their next level and reclaim their vibrant, healthiest selves.

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Naeem Callaway

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take a step

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What is it like to hire me as your coach?

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" leave the session and start to notice the massive shifts happening in every area of your life!"

"Charlene helps me feel like I can do things I've only been daydreaming about, and gives me permission to bring those dreams into reality. She is creative and confident in her practices, using techniques that have had mind blowing results for me!

By working with her, I have seen these pieces of myself come together and make me stronger! I can now hold the parts of me that I didn't want to see, with compassion and cooperation to work for my highest good.

I highly recommend working with Charlene if you want to feel like you're sitting with your best friend, having a relaxed and natural interaction, and then walk away realizing she has helped you to change your life."




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