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Welcome! I'm Charlene, your new Nutritionist

In my Naturally Nourished Nutrition Coaching Program, I help making weight loss on a flexible plant based diet effortless!

My mission is to guide women like you to fuel their body with whole plant foods, improve their mindset, lose weight, and completely transform their health and life.

I utilize my 7+ years experience as a Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, Mindset Mentor, Certified Weight Management Practitioner, and blend my expertise as a student of Life + Success Coaching and NLP to empower you through your nutrition and weight loss journey. 


Charlene's story

Do you feel anxious or confused about food, beat yourself up whenever you indulge, diet constantly, and want to learn to nourish and appreciate your body without the sacrifice or guilt ever again?

Well, you’re in the right place. Why? Because I’ve been there. When I talk about dieting, emotional eating, and body image, it is from personal experience. My struggles with health began when I was around 15 years old. I remember feeling so insecure in myself and my low self-confidence manifested through my perfectionist tendencies. In my world, being “perfect” in all areas of my life meant I had tight control over everything including my eating habits and exercise routine.

And while control felt safe, I was blindly leading myself into a downward spiral of disordered relationship to food and exercise. Rather than eating and exercising to feel good and to nourish my body, I used it as a means to control and punish myself. Days were spent beating myself up if I didn’t meet my high expectation of exercising every day for 1 hour.

And if I wasn’t restricting my calorie intake or depriving myself of pleasure foods, I was bingeing from a lack of calories and balance in my diet. I set strict food rules and restrictions for myself and had no flexibility in my rigid eating plan. 

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I was frustrated, stressed, and exhausted. I felt weighed down by obsessive thoughts of food to the point where most all of my thoughts were captivated by food 24/7. It felt like I was walking through life with a heavy ball and chain on my ankles. I skipped social activities because I knew there was going to be food around that wasn't in my "diet plan" and I didn't want to deal with disappointing friends or family if I didn't eat the food they provided. It was torture but I didn’t know how to get out of this vicious cycle.

Until I started studying holistic nutrition and learned about the power whole plant foods have on our health. It was a giant "ah-ha" moment for me because as I started eating more whole plant foods, I began noticing massive shifts in my eating behavior.

At the same time, I incorporated mindfulness and intuitive eating principles in my life. I began shifting my self talk and started to feel more empowered in my body and around food. My intense urges to overeat were gone, my cravings for processed food vanished, my erratic "on again-off again" diet cycle tendencies eliminated.

Eventually, I found myself eliminating my perfectionism around food, body, and self entirely. I started feeling calm and at peace around food and my body and in control at last. I was nourished, satisfied, and thriving!

I began implementing my teachings with my 1:1 nutrition clients and noticed massive shifts happening with their health, too. Not only were they losing weight for good, but feeling more in control over their eating habits than ever before. Not to mention, many more great health outcomes like more natural energy, improved digestion, more mental clarity and motivation, better sleep, balanced hormones and blood sugar, lowered blood pressure, and cholesterol! 


Now I help women reclaim food freedom

Combining these principles of whole plant food nutrition education and mindful eating is how my 1:1 Naturally Nourished Nutrition Coaching Program was born. Naturally Nourished is designed to be the last investment you have to make in your health journey. Why? I don't follow cookie cutter methods like calorie counting, food restriction, or over exercising.

Instead, I teach you how to eat abundantly with more whole plant foods and listen to your body's hunger-fullness cues to lose weight.

If this sounds like the type of food freedom you've been searching for, I invite you to apply to work 1:1 with me today!

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Credentials & Education

Certified Holistic Nutritionist with AFPA
Certified Weight Management Specialist with AFPA
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with AADP
Certified Personal Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Weight Management Practitioner with Mind Body Food Institute

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition + Dietetics from the University of Rhode Island
Currently studying to become certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, TIME Techniques